Our Story
FarmLoco was created to allow urban farmers of all types to gather and share ideas. Whether you raise urban livestock such as pigs or chickens or you cultivate your backyard with herbs or fruit trees, FarmLoco will provide information to help you be more successful. We also believe that Urban Farming is more than just what you do in your backyard. It is a movement, a way of thinking, a way of living more sustainably.
Our food system is energy-intensive, abusive and vulnerable. We want to help move the Urban Farming Movement into the mainstream so that it becomes a legitimate component of our agricultural supply chain. We want nothing more than to see more backyards filled with healthy, local vegetables and fruits growing alongside happy, playful chicken, goats and whatever else you want to raise in your backyard.
Jeff Paul. I have been itching to raise chickens for years, but it wasn't until I recently purchased my own home that I could really begin to experiment with Urban Farming. My dream is to take my farm off the grid and live off an acre of land in the company of family and friends.
Roy Peckham. I built and coded all of this from scratch using Yii and bit of phpBB. I Love to cook and learn new cuisines and I'm currently hooked on Cajun and Traditional Mexican. From cooking, I developed a passion for likes to growing my own ingredients. If I could grow one thing it would be San Marzano Tomatoes.
Mitchell Wright. SEO wizzard & consultant.
Whether you raise pigs or chickens or you cultivate your backyard with herbs, vegetables, or fruit trees, FarmLoco provides resources & information to help you be successful.